God’s power is manifest in many ways.  My wife and I watched a documentary on the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.  Wow!  But God’s power is also seen in a volcano erupting in Iceland and monster tornados this year in the south and midwest.  It reminds me what God will use to humble the nations during the tribulation.  He has unlimited power.

But that’s not the only display of His power.  I was recently in Utah for the dedication of a new church building.  God displayed His power in developing a congregation of believers committed to the worship and propagation of His name in Mormon country.  This group has seen many saved from sin and religion. After many years of saving for their own building, God provided a place.  God also provided the team of workers, the funds, and the materials.  But the most powerful thing I witnessed were two adults attending the services. Both are unsaved and under the conviction of the Holy Spirit.  Pray for Dubs and Amanda that God would blast the sin from their lives and totally transform them by His grace.  HE IS POWERFUL!