Yesterday, June 2nd, I attended the ground-breaking service of Boardman Baptist Church of Youngstown, OH.  This good church has been planning, saving, praying and hoping for many years for the day they would break ground for a new auditorium.  Their church facility is not adequate for their congregation.

It was a great day.  Many of the former pastors returned and shared stories of the past.  Ohio Regular Baptist Fellowship representative, Dr. David Warren, who has preached at Boardman many times, shared the value of perseverance.

BCP is involved because ChurchCare Construction (subsidiary of BCP) is providing the builders.  The Martin Eaton and Dale Murphy families are helping the church in this project.  It will take about one year.  The church plans to provide volunteers from the membership to assist in the project.  Martin shared his thoughts with the congregation.  David Whipple, Director of ChurchCare, closed the main service in prayer, and Howard Fraser, Director of ChurchCare Construction, gave the dedicatory prayer at the ground-breaking.

Following the services, the church provided a marvelous dinner fellowship for those attending.

Now, what is my pondering?  The thought that came to me was the good and godly pastor and wife that have served this church for sixteen years.  Pastor and Mrs. Massie, Dennis and Eleanora, are very fine people.  I have been invited to preach for many years at this church, and each time I’m impressed with the quality of this couple.  They have wanted this day for many years, and though disappointments have set back the start of this building project, Pastor Massie has guided the church each step of the way, cognizant of the plan of a sovereign God.  The congregation continues to grow under a conservative approach to ministry (imagine that) although many are claiming this is not possible in our culture.  The pastor is a real leader, and you can tell this by every part of the service because things are done with excellence.  You can see Pastor is in charge, yet he is very loving and considerate of the people.  Again, imagine that.  Loving and thoughtful!   The Bible says of elders/pastors that they are to lead the flock or church of God, not as dictators or lords, but as shepherds, lovingly guiding them and helping them.  Boardman Baptist Church is a great example of a growing, godly church with a membership that love their pastor and a pastor that loves the Lord’s people.