At this writing, I’m setting on a porch in Arkansas (speaking at the state fellowship) working on my computer while watching the massive oaks shed their fall leaves.  It is a very pleasant day. 

The leaves falling remind me of the seasons of life.  Spring is the birth season, summer the growing season, fall the shedding season, and winter the season of death.  Life has its seasons and they go by so quickly.

I am also reminded that each season has critical importance.  Spring is planting,   summer is tending to the growth, fall is harvesting and preserving, while winter is for the reward after death.  Any one part left undone is catastrophic. 

So it is in our lives.  We must pray to live our entire life in fellowship and service to the Lord who bought us on the cross of Calvary.  He designs our lives, its seasons and its end. 

Baptist Church Planters continues to value the seasons of each church being planted.  From the birthing to the graduation from mission status, we rejoice in God’s blessing and your support of new churches being planted.