Whether you support a missionary, a project or the general fund, we thank you for your investment in planting new churches.  Just today, August 30th, Scott Greening shared in an email the salvation of a couple to whom he has been witnessing.  Praise God!  One by one, people are coming to Christ, and one by one, churches are planted and growing.

September is a big month at Baptist Church Planters.  Some of the administrators attend the annual meeting of the Fellowship of Missions, an agency for mission agencies.  Mission leaders come together to discuss missions in general and get encouragement by being together.  It is a worthy event.

We also have Candidate Class for new missionaries on September 21-25.  Then the Council (board of directors) comes to interview the candidates and conduct the business of the mission.  Administrators come at the same time, and we review programs and plan for the future.

In my recent morning devotions I have been deeply impressed how the truth and experience of Christ’s resurrection deeply moved the disciples.  Because they witnessed the resurrection, they preached one message; “You killed Him, but God raised Him.”  Let us all be as deeply convinced and bold for Christ.