In August of 2013, BCP officially included the ministry designation of Church Revitalization in our Mission Statement.  Bible Baptist Church in New Milford, CT, came under BCP in need of revitalization.  Serving there are Associate Church Planter Rob and Beth Worthington, and new appointees Tim and Marsha Weeks are helping there in the midst of deputation travels.  The new name is Riverview Baptist Church, and the revitalization is progressing slowly toward being a growing and thriving light in the New Milford community.  The church had three sections of its roof replaced by ChurchCare missionary builders in November 2013.  The weekend of October 26, 2014, the church had their annual meeting to vote on new officers for the year as well as their operating budget for 2015. They also discussed how to proceed this coming year.  One very positive note for the ministry is that AWANA is progressing well.  The year started with 31 children, and recently they had 44 kids in clubs.  Please pray that the Gospel will be understood by the majority of these unchurched children.  The church has begun visiting the homes of the children to begin sharing the Gospel with the parents.  Pray that this ministry will continue to be an effective aspect of revitalizing Riverview Baptist Church.